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nearly all of the music i've ever written, and other music related stuff.
 deceptive a short album i put together around 2005. although it was very hastily produced, quite a few people have downloaded it.--
 electronic.d the most recent projects are in this directory.--
 electronic.r music i wrote, mostly previous to 2005. some of my best and worst stuff in here... it's worth a listen, but you have to dig a bit to find the good stuff.--
 electronic.z music i wrote quite a while ago. you probably don't want to listen to it unless you're really into my stuff, but there is some cool shit in there for sure.--
 flac lossless copies of some of my music--
 forecast kai's band--
 greater than a hiphop project i worked on with a few of my friends. i wrote most of the beats, and recorded it in my basement with no vocal booth. some of it turned out great, considering.--
 hiphop.f some hiphop instrumentals i've made for fun, or on request.--
 works in progress stuff that isn't finished - mostly just short clips. links may break at any time, as finished tracks will certainly be removed and placed in the regular music directories.--
 archive.tar complete mp3 arch as of end of 2016594M01/06/17

(c)2009 Steve Haslin

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