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music i wrote, mostly previous to 2005. some of my best and worst stuff in here... it's worth a listen, but you have to dig a bit to find the good stuff.
 resfilter - 443 symphonic.... no description6.1M06/24/07
 resfilter - 8hh.mp3 no description2.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - 90w4ey2.mp3 no description2.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - answers turnin... no description4.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - branded.mp3 no description3.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - cold inside.mp3 no description3.7M06/24/07
 resfilter - construct.mp3 no description4.2M06/24/07
 resfilter - disconnection.... no description4.4M06/24/07
 resfilter - disorder.mp3 no description7.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - ds9fhsdh.mp3 no description2.4M06/24/07
 resfilter - for nothing.mp3 no description1.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - going nowhere.... no description4.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - hide.mp3 no description5.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - infraction.mp3 no description2.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - inside out.mp3 no description3.6M06/24/07
 resfilter - intensions.mp3 no description3.7M06/24/07
 resfilter - ion.mp3 no description2.6M06/24/07
 resfilter - juice.mp3 no description5.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - live mix 005.m... no description4.1M06/24/07
 resfilter - mode-2.mp3 no description3.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - moonlight.mp3 no description2.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - nver.mp3 no description3.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - our dreams.mp3 no description3.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - radiofield.mp3 no description4.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - rds5u.mp3 no description3.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - rust.mp3 no description6.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - sdgrove.mp3 no description1.7M06/24/07
 resfilter - sedit.mp3 no description5.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - seed.mp3 no description6.6M06/24/07
 resfilter - setup.mp3 no description2.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - sgsarh2.mp3 no description4.4M06/24/07
 resfilter - slinky.mp3 no description2.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - slip2.mp3 no description2.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - softer.mp3 no description3.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - subside.mp3 no description4.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - swing.mp3 no description6.1M06/24/07
 resfilter - time forth rev... no description2.2M06/24/07
 resfilter - track35.mp3 no description5.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - track44.mp3 no description5.4M06/24/07
 resfilter - underneath.mp3 no description4.2M06/24/07
 resfilter - us.mp3 no description3.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - vanilla.mp3 no description2.4M06/24/07
 resfilter - white vein.mp3 no description4.8M06/24/07

(c)2009 Steve Haslin

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