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a short album i put together around 2005. although it was very hastily produced, quite a few people have downloaded it.
 01 - antiseptic.mp3 no description3.5M06/24/07
 02 - overcast.mp3 no description2.8M06/24/07
 03 - deceptive.mp3 a remix of hrdvsions perceptive something or other4.8M06/24/07
 04 - relevance.mp3 no description3.5M06/24/07
 05 - 347d.mp3 no description3.6M06/24/07
 06 - silver.mp3 no description2.5M06/24/07
 07 - stay low.mp3 no description3.9M06/24/07
 08 - timeslides.mp3 no description3.6M06/24/07
 09 - goodbye.mp3 no description2.4M06/24/07 the basic artwork package for deceptive1.2M06/24/07 the whole deceptive album in a zip archive. in lossless flac format. includes artwork in windows bitmap format. enjoy the album in it's original quality.129M10/29/09 the whole deceptive album in a zip archive. mp3 @ 192kbps. includes artwork.31M10/26/09

(c)2009 Steve Haslin

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