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a hiphop project i worked on with a few of my friends. i wrote most of the beats, and recorded it in my basement with no vocal booth. some of it turned out great, considering.
 greater than - automatic.m... no description2.8M09/27/09
 greater than - doodlin.mp3 no description3.1M09/27/09
 greater than - funkstyle.m... no description6.2M09/27/09
 greater than - get it dun.... no description2.4M09/27/09
 greater than - in memory.m... no description5.8M09/27/09
 greater than - lost.mp3 no description4.4M09/27/09
 greater than - pitch in on... no description4.4M09/27/09
 greater than - stand up (h... no description1.9M09/27/09
 greater than - stand up.mp3 no description4.4M09/27/09
 greater than - stay down.m... no description3.8M09/27/09
 greater than - vih anthem.... no description4.0M09/27/09
 greater than - we wit it.m... no description5.7M09/27/09

(c)2009 Steve Haslin

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