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music i wrote quite a while ago. you probably don't want to listen to it unless you're really into my stuff, but there is some cool shit in there for sure.
 trace voltage an album i wrote a long time ago.--
 untitled old cd an album i wrote a really long time ago.--
 resfilter - 2nd.mp3 no description3.7M06/24/07
 resfilter - 443 symphonic.... no description6.1M06/24/07
 resfilter - 89h9huk.mp3 no description2.7M06/24/07
 resfilter - adsry8sj.mp3 no description4.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - aisna.mp3 no description3.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - alchemist.mp3 no description3.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - antiseptic.mp3 no description3.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - arc.mp3 no description4.1M06/24/07
 resfilter - belladona.mp3 no description4.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - cell inverse.m... no description2.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - cyanide.mp3 no description4.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - dark blue.mp3 no description3.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - dirt.mp3 no description2.2M06/24/07
 resfilter - dnb ct 7.mp3 no description4.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - exo.mp3 no description1.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - flux.mp3 no description1.4M06/24/07
 resfilter - forest creatur... no description900K06/24/07
 resfilter - friday.mp3 no description5.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - frozen fire.mp3 no description5.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - interlude.mp3 no description1.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - jungletest002.... no description4.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - mass.mp3 no description9.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - october.mp3 no description6.7M06/24/07
 resfilter - oddos flashbac... no description1.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - oddos trip.mp3 no description1.4M06/24/07
 resfilter - orange scheme.... no description2.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - ozone.mp3 no description2.9M06/24/07
 resfilter - paper.mp3 no description3.7M06/24/07
 resfilter - phase.mp3 no description3.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - rap536-04.mp3 no description3.2M06/24/07
 resfilter - red mist.mp3 no description4.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - redrock.mp3 no description6.8M06/24/07
 resfilter - retrain.mp3 no description3.7M06/24/07
 resfilter - settlement.mp3 no description3.4M06/24/07
 resfilter - sidebar.mp3 no description5.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - sketchy.mp3 no description9.0M06/24/07
 resfilter - slip.mp3 no description3.6M06/24/07
 resfilter - slipstream.mp3 no description4.1M06/24/07
 resfilter - slow.mp3 no description887K06/24/07
 resfilter - something to d... remix of a small sample thing that hrdvsion was passing around4.1M06/24/07
 resfilter - square rap.mp3 no description4.6M06/24/07
 resfilter - starfield simu... no description2.3M06/24/07
 resfilter - still water.mp3 no description4.5M06/24/07
 resfilter - sub king.mp3 no description764K06/24/07
 resfilter - weather.mp3 no description4.2M06/24/07

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