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car project related files
 EEX this is an xdf for tunerpro, for people with EE (94-95) LT1 ECMs, which i am slowly improving...--
 old old stuff for cars i dont work on anymore--
 150124.pdf specification sheet including injector offsets for accel 24lb injectors, part number 150124 and 150824213K07/28/13
 BLM Cell Grid.pdf a picture of how block learn cells work in EE26K09/08/13
 Speedometer Calculator.xls a calculator for speedometer calibration in EE7.0K09/08/13
 fbodytech.lnk Most of my LT1 related projects go here now...--
 flickr.lnk my flickr site, where i put pics of all my car project stuff. i wont generally post any pics here...--
 transam-worklog.html work i've done to my current car project4.8K02/20/15

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